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Let the magnificence of Bavaria and its capital Munich enchant you! Book now an individually planned tour or contact us for further information!

A Trip to Bavaria and Munich – an Experience You Will Never Forget

The unique Bavaria is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Tourists from all over the world – many of them from the CIS states – choose a trip to Bavaria and Munich and they are in for unforgettable impressions. The beauty of Bavaria is so breathtaking and extraordinary you could mistake it for a dream. Particularly impressive is the nature of this region: the charm of the alps, the purity of the lakes and the dignity of the mountains will forever engraved in your mind. Due to the unique landscapes an atmosphere of quiet and piece prevails. Many tourists come to this place to relax and to arrive to a truly magical environment.

Bavaria is not only famous for its nature, but also for its unique architecture and historic cities. Visitors especially love trips to Bavaria’s castles, in which you can feel the spirit of history. The Bavarian castles also allure those, who enjoy mysticism and mysteries. During the guided tours they learn about local stories and legends, which are passed on and cultivated by the resident people.

A particularly immediate impression of the traditions of the country can be experienced on one of the various festivals, as well as a taste of the delicious local specialties and of course the famous Bavarian beer. Each festival is a colourful event, which is celebrated with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm. Everyone to experience one of these festivals will fall in love with this country because of its special uniqueness: the bond of the locals to their Tracht and tradition, to the music and folksongs, to their country and its nature.